Rock ‘n Roll Paradise

So proud for my new album!

Rock ‘n roll for me is a way to express my life in all its manifestations! The attitude of having fun and a magic way to communicate with my fans leading them to another dimension out of this world in a dreamland like paradise: 

My Rock ‘n Roll Paradise… That’s the meaning of my life!

I’ m grateful to Stavros Papadopoulos, an inexhaustible riff & rock ‘n roll machine, for his support, time and efforts to help me make this long time dream come true! 

I heavily appreciate his trust in my voice and his detailed work to make these songs fit exactly to my singing style and passion! Thanks for making this musical document possible!

I would like to thank: 

4P Productions press contact & booking agency, 

Fotis Chalkias (Rock ‘N Roll Fighter) 

Nikos Spyropoulos, Takis Spyropoulos, 

Live Sound Studio & crew,

Tony Tassis, 

Joan Kolia, 

Antonis Panagopoulos, 

Antonis Vogiatzoglou,

Stavros Papadopoulos for his trust in my voice, 

Joe & Sami Romagnola for the opportunity to become a member of the Grooveyard family, their trust and for keeping the Rock alive!

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